Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plans (and Conifers) Gone Awry

Despite the predictions of cool, clear weather for the next three days, and my plans to get so much clean-up and pruning and even digging done during that window of time, the weather has gone awry.

I woke up ready to go, put on some clean(ish) garden pants and waited for the temperature to get up out of the mid 30s.  By mid morning it had started to drizzle. Pffft.

Know what else seems awry? A couple conifers have odd growth up top.

The rightmost spruce on the berm needs a lop:

It's funny how it mirrors the slant of the ancient white birch across the street:

One of the Austrian pines needs some shaping on both the left and right sides toward the top:

This is the tree that I want to grow a clematis up this year.

The skies seem to be clearing, but it is still only 39 degrees now at lunch time. If the rain holds off after lunch I can still do some work out there, dressed for the chill.  Jim will need to help me with the extension lopper.