Saturday, March 30, 2013

Much Has Been Done

Despite the cold drizzly start to Thursday, much has been accomplished in the past three days!

Thursday afternoon cleared off a little, and Friday and Saturday were cool, partly sunny days, in the 50s, perfect for work outside.

Jim helped prune the conifers that had too much growth up top, although we held off on the spruce with the crooked top branch, since it turned out that there are no other tall branches. That crooked one is the leader. I'll ask Bartlett about it.

I even turned the compost pile. Phew. Hard sweaty work, but the air was cool enough for it.

Perennials were cut back, carypopteris chopped back, lespedeza too. A lot of clean up, including the miscanthus grass at the corner of the garage and the three Northwind plumes at the back of Meadow's Edge.  Boy do I hate grass clean up in spring.

It all took the better part of two days to get most stuff cut back.

Then Jim and I assembled and put up the arbor at the entrance to the gravel garden, without any dispute. : )

I moved the dwarf spruce to the right side (it had been right next to the Star magnolia, not a good place as the magnolia gets bigger).

I will need to get another bluestone to make three steps into the gate area. I dug up all the thyme around the area, added more fill and raised the topmost stone up, and then replanted the thyme. I also used some of it to replace browning patches along the top of the driveway. Dying thyme has been a problem along there.

And I have a kiwi vine on order to put on the left side of the arbor, to climb over the arch.

The whole thing is horribly flimsy. It's just wobbly aluminum, inexpensive and lightweight. If I decide I like the look, and if the kiwi vine takes off and drapes well over the arch, I may consider getting a sturdy natural wood arbor and gate, and have it installed. For now, we'll see how this does.

Picture it all, if you will, in summer, in this very spot - - -

I dug out a lot of the edge on the back side of the border on the left to expand the width a little, and will put in a styrax there, just to the left of the first twig tuteur. That will shade (someday) the front part of the gravel sitting area.