Monday, May 6, 2013

Dry, Dry, Dry

Still no rain, for three weeks now, other than 4 tenths of an inch 15 days ago. I'm starting to see mild signs of stress as the plants are emerging and leaves are coming out.

We have turned on the lawn sprinklers already and used them twice. I water, water, water all the new trees and the little seedlings I put out and the buckeyes, and the trees just planted last year.

Water, water, water --- it takes up so much time. It's just so dry, dry, dry. But rain is predicted for later this week.

Meanwhile, in the spring garden:
Fothergillas are blooming.
I love the big red pot I got at Home Depot for cheap.
(I put California poppies in there)

I like my little row of Tide Hill boxwoods, marching down into the gravel.

The geums are the happiest flowers in spring, very ORANGE!

Forget Me Nots spill

Ogon spirea is the prettiest, most delicate thing in the garden in spring.

The groundcover alpine willows look good now.
In summer last year they burned and looked awful --
Hoping for a better season this year.

This is how much the alpine willows have spread
under the Dawn viburnum.

All the trees and shrubs I ordered have been planted. The three carpinus, the three sweet birches, the hop hornbeam, and one new sassafras. Six blueberries, plus the two dwarfs in pots. A cornus racemosa, which I actually split apart and planted two pieces of it in the meadow. The plumbago I put that at the front edge of the new arbor.

And the kiwi vine, which will be permanent after the plumbago finishes its one season, also went on that side of the arbor.

All the seeds (marigolds, California poppies, scarlet sage, zinnias) are in the ground, waiting for some rain. We need a soaker!