Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And We Begin

May first feels like the start of summer. There can be more cold weather, a frost even, and many trees like the black gums and the smokebush have not leafed out yet. But it still feels like The Start! We begin.

March and April are all about getting ready -- clean up and chores and digging edges or making new gardens.

May feels like the time to sit back and start to enjoy. Today was bright and sunny and in the 70s and everything suddenly started to fill in. Still so dry -- I have to water everything. No rain in the forecast.

I got the hop hornbeam and the three sweet birches from Forestfarm, and planted all but one today.

And I received the plumbago, which I think I will put at the side of the new arch, while the kiwi vine grows to some size.

The Frohnleiten epimediums look nice blooming, and have filled the area finally. I need to expand the circle under the dogwood. This year the foliage didn't green up very well before blooming, so there is still some brown foliage under the pretty flowers.

In 2010 the heath bloomed brighlty in March. This year it is finally blooming well on May 1. The pink combined with the bright yellow sedum Angelina is a little weird.

One stray tulip has come up, a remnant from the ones I planted in 2008.

And to celebrate the start of the season I brought up the table and chairs for the deck and changed the bedding to the lighter quilt and summer duvet cover.

We begin!