Friday, May 17, 2013

The Doublefile is a Star

Nice, cool, dry weather in the 70s. Some sun, some clouds, no rain, although once again we need it badly.

The doublefile viburnum is at its best.

I like these dark clovers in a pot.

The aronia this year is awesome. I don't remember it being such a frothy white or so tall before!

I'm loving the little Tide Hill boxwoods in a slanted row. The strawberries, so prolific all of a sudden this year, are crowding the boxwoods a bit.

The blackhaw viburnum is blooming this year but only at the bottom. I think it got frost damage earlier this spring. I saw frosted blackened leaves and some crispy flowerbuds, so that may explain it.  I do love how my pruning has taken effect -- it's a nice little tree now. Quite shapely.

The Chocolate Chip ajuga keeps going and going.

All good.