Thursday, May 16, 2013

Filling Some Gaps

From Dave's Garden  Salvia coccinea Hummingbird
Yesterday's freeze did take out the red salvia seedlings in the pots that I had left unprotected on the berm.

They are gone, and maybe one or two others by the dry creekbed got it, but the rest in the ground did seem to survive.

Everything I covered with a coffee filter or overturned glass is ok, and the angelonia seem to be fine.

Today was unsettled and windy and cloudy. No rain, although it threatened all day.

It appears that I have some gaps to fill ---
  • A gap where the agastache is not coming back this year in the Birch Garden. 
  • One of the New Jersey Tea plants is gone, leaving a small hole by the gravel garden.
  • Where I took out the winterberry holly next to the bayberry, there is a gap. 
  • And the two pots with frozen salvia seedlings in them need plants to replace the poor seedlings.

Here are some thoughts, using what I already have:
> Maybe put my new Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica) in the ground in one of those gaps? Put it where the missing agastache was? Is there enough shade there? 
Spigelia marilandica from BK Perennials

There on the far right back corner is the Purple Haze agastache in August of 2012.
Is there enough shade now, in 2013 from the Orange Dream Japanese maple?
Can the spigelia take quite a bit of sun?
> Put a couple of the Cherry & Ivory Swizzle zinnia seedlings into the pots on the berm? I don't need so many under the birdbath. I just need a little pop of color behind the yellowroot foliage out there. These would be nice.
Cherry & Ivory Swizzle zinnias from Park Seed

Now, what to put near the bayberry?

What to put along the border of the gravel garden where the New Jersey Tea was?

Do I need to go shopping? Do I?