Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Readings All Over the Place

The forecast was for a low of 41 F overnight. I did not bring in any pots or try to cover any seedlings.

At 3 a.m. I woke up and the reading on my clock from the official local reporting station was 36 F so I got a little worried. I tiptoed out to the kitchen to read my backyard weather station and it was 30 degrees.

A freeze.

So at 3 in the morning I was in my bathrobe and slippers hauling the pots inside on the porch. I covered what seedlings I could with coffee filters, which was all I had at hand.

I never did get back to sleep after all that activity.

At 5 in the morning, my weather station read 29 degrees. As the sky lightened I could see a white frost coating everything outside.

The pots on the porch are safe, and the nasturtiums and some zinnias are lightly shielded by coffee filters. The choca mocha cosmos is too.

But most of the red salvia seedlings are uncovered and I may have lost those. The new angelonias were uncovered too.

If they are lost, I'll get some other annuals to replace those.

How could the forecast have been so far off?

(At three in the morning, in still cold air, it was actually exhilarating to be outside. Not a single car passed in the half hour I was running around out there. Not a peep of sound or a puff of breeze. Stars overhead. Silence and utter stillness and me alone in a garden frozen in time and temperature. It was strange.)