Thursday, May 30, 2013

So Sweet

There is nothing so sweet as almost an inch of rain in the gauge in the morning. Thunderstorms brought  brief but heavy rain overnight.

There is nothing so sweet as going out into the wet garden to pick strawberries for breakfast. There are many more red berries on the plants needing just a day more to ripen. And lots and lots of immature fruits to ripen over the next weeks. Where is the chipmunk?

There is nothing so sweet as seeing brand new transplants well watered. I do not need to water anything, not the containers (they're too soaked now), or new seedlings, or things I moved. And the new, expensive, huge black gum that Bartlett planted yesterday got watered in well.

This tree is the companion to the black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) planted in front on the right three years ago. This new one is almost the same size (hence the price), but of course as a new transplant it is sparser and will take a little time to fill in and catch up.

But as it does, the two tupelos will make a pair -- a frame for the front of the house. And this new one behind the mailbox visually breaks up what was a small but very open expanse of lawn that looked too featureless smack in front of the garage wall.

Here is a terrible picture in bad lighting, but it gives an idea of how the two tupelos will frame the right side of the house -- the front porch and door -- rather than having the peaked garage face be the focus when you look at the house straight on.

Hard to tell with the new one being so sparse still, and I do think the one on the right is too far over. Oh well. That's the idea: two large gorgeous trees (especially in fall) with the opening between them showing the front door.

So sweet.