Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sweetgum Move

Memorial Day weekend has been extreme. Lots of rain earlier in the week, then hot and humid, then on Sunday it got so cold, barely 50 degrees. Monday was abundantly sunny and beautiful, in the 70s, and today is iffy again, with more rain coming.

The magnolia Elizabeth that I wrote about 3 days ago now looks even worse.

So Jim got out the hand saw, and it came down rather easily today. Sniff. I will really miss that beauty. We just cut it off at the ground and left the small stump and roots in place.

The sweet gum was moved into the space, and the dwarf corylopsis that had been under the guest room window was moved in front of it. This is a better site for both plants.

The sweetgum doesn't seem so crowded as it did on the end of the Drive By Garden, so close to the quickly expanding Cornus mas.  And the corylopsis is out in the sun and not crowded by the fothergillas and the big miscanthus that are under the window. A better site for both.

When and if the sweetgum grows big enough to produce fruit, the gumballs will fall mainly in the bed (I hope) and not all over the lawn and driveway, although if it is big enough they'll fall everywhere.

Here's half of the length of the Drive By bed with all the spindly immature plants in it. The light colored sweetgum now has pride of place in the center. The tall narrow Cornus mas on the far right can spread out and anchor that end, with the two witch hazels filling in on its left.

The new little parrotia is on the left, next to the rosa glauca but hardly visible yet. I can't wait to see this whole garden strip in several years time.