Sunday, May 26, 2013

Too Much

Okay, okay, I was dumb to complain so bitterly about rain missing us.

For the past two days it has rained off and on, and we now have another inch added to the inch and a half we got earlier.

2.5 inches of rain, total.

It went from being hot and humid a few days ago (we had the air conditioner on) to very cold (45 degrees, with the heat on all day).

Too wet and rainy now to enjoy the pretty white deutzias that have opened, and the irises. And the red Blaze peony which only lasts a few days, maybe a week at the most, is opening but dropping petals in the rain.

Sheesh. Now it is too much. But the system is finally moving on, the clouds are being blown about by cold wind, and things should start to dry out over the next few days.

The goatsbeard on the porch is blooming. I love how it has aged the pot.