Saturday, June 8, 2013

3.3 Inches of Rain

We got three and a third inches of rain in this big soaker of a storm. This morning the sun is out, the temperatures are barely into the 60s and everything is very, very wet.

It rained hard at times, and it rained for a long time.

Enough already!

Before the storm Peggy cut her peony blooms to save them from being shattered to the ground in all the rain. She brought a huge bouquet over for me. These are Mrs. FDR, and she is taking all four of her mature plants out as she renovates her garden.

If they can be saved in the digging up, I will take one to transplant, although I have no idea where to put it. I have stayed away from the big peonies since they are so hard to stake and manage and they bloom so briefly. But they are real show stoppers, and this one is a beautiful delicate pinky white.

I am still getting a big bowl of gorgeous, juicy, red strawberries every day. Every day! Even after the hard rain all yesterday and last night, I find a ton of perfect fruit this morning for breakfast and then some.