Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Must Stop

Over six and a half inches of rain in the last nine days. This has to stop. Sunday was beautiful and sunny, just gorgeous, but of course yesterday, with the garden group coming over to see things, it poured. We got another inch and a half overnight and then late in the day today a thunderstorm rolled through with another third of an inch -- that's almost two inches just today.

The clematis are not blooming yet, but are full of buds. Any day now, as we approach mid June.

But the carpet roses are out.

And look who decided he was not done for after all. The Opuntia has revived and there are little buds growing.

The goatsbeard that I moved to the back of the Birch Garden has never looked better. Finally, after three moves.

Can you believe the tiarella are still going strong? The starry spikes are a little thinner now, but they still brighten the shade behind all the plants filling out now.

I really like the groundcover sedum Weihenstephaner Gold. It's blooming all along Meadow's Edge, and I moved some to the blueberry garden too.

Both baptisias are blooming. The Twilite Prairieblues is always hard to photograph. Alba pendula is sending out big arches, and from a distance it looks great leaning out from the side of the Birch Garden.

The patches  of Himalayan fleeceflower have recovered nicely this year, although under the viburnum where the damage was the worst, there are still empty holes and it is not blooming. But elsewhere there are little pipe cleaners rising from nice greenery.

The willows are spectacular this year.

And, finally, I like my little row of marigolds in pots.