Friday, June 21, 2013

A Great Idea

Today was the longest day, the summer solstice, and it was a great one. Summery, with a delightful slight humid smell to the air, but not overly hot. It was in the 80s, but nice in the shade. Just a really pleasant summer day.

Jim had a great idea. I have been complaining about the rosa glauca being in an odd spot in the Drive By garden.
It has no hardscape or complexity around it and looks strange there by itself, not playing well with the penstemons or the dark ninebark nearby. I did a post on it for my main blog.

He suggested moving it to the dry creek bed, to the empty spot where I had some red salvia last year.

There is hardscape -- rocks, a bridge. There is a small spot for it to be tucked into and for it to lean out over the creekbed. There is a dense dark Alberta spruce for contrast. There is complexity behind it with the meadow and the tall trees in the distance.

Everything I think this rose needs. A great design idea! I am definitely moving the rose to this spot.

All four of the clematis vines are blooming now.

Henryi on the garage wall.

Jackmanii spilling over the top of the iron tuteur in the back.

There has been one lone flower on Niobe, as it begins, barely, to climb the Austrian pine. Still just the one blossom today.

Finally, Alba Luxurians is just opening, the last of the clematis vines to flower. Just a few hanky blooms are out, but the vine is full and lush and packed with buds.

And the stewartias are both blooming (and surprisingly there is no rain in the forecast to knock the big fried egg blooms off!)

Here is Stewartia pseudocamellia, which has big flowers that are so heavy they usually last only a few days before falling. It is still a wild shape.

Stewartia monadelpha has much smaller flowers, smaller leaves, and is nowhere near as showy, but it is maturing now into a delicate little tree. It is so far a tidier, more upright shape than the pseudocamellia.

These two stewartias are really quite different looking.