Monday, June 24, 2013

I Think It's Over

Hot and humid, in the 80s, starting to be very unpleasant.

For a while now I have thought the katsura tree was kaput. The trunk damage was just too extensive. A callus had formed, but there is barely a quarter of the circumference covered by bark. Mike from Bartlett thought it might recover and eventually the growing trunk would subsume the open part.  This spring it leafed out and looked okay, sort of. Not full and lush like the fast grower it is, though.

Today all I can see are bare branches and dead leaves on the ground.

I think it is finally over.

I have been trying to grow a katsura in this spot since 2009. Five years now. The first one didn't take, and was replaced in the first year. The second one did great, but in the last two years has had a run of trouble, with deer damage, snow damage, torn branches, rubbed bark and a huge open wound at the base.

I think it is time to have Bartlett put in a large specimen shade tree there. After five years I don't know if I want to start over with a small whip.

Should it be another katsura?