Saturday, June 29, 2013

And Now We Are Back . . .

We are back from Pennsylvania, and while we were gone three inches of rain fell. Everything looked so refreshed and sparkly as we pulled into town around 6 p.m. Then when we arrived at the house, I saw the rain gauge and it was filled to 3 inches.

And while we were gone the blueberries started coming in. Northcountry has just a few on the one small bush.  All four Northblue plants are bearing nicely. And the earliest of the blueberries out in the field, Northland, is also bearing. I mixed them all in this little bowl and won't be able to taste which is which!

While we were gone the stand of Shasta daisies behind the grill opened, and Alba Luxurians clematis burst forth.

And the irises by the creekbed opened, tall and gaudy.

Everything in the yard and meadow looks so well-watered!

How to write about our trip? Chanticleer was fantastic, but I don't know how to do a post on such a well documented garden. We got a ton of pictures. The day was very hot and sticky, so there is haze in the photos and we were pretty beat by the time we had walked the garden.

How to write up James Golden's garden? He was the most gracious host, welcomed me and walked the whole tour with me. He was genuinely pleased that I had come. His garden is phenomenal, all controlled wildness with beautiful structure and paths and areas, but plants grow and seed themselves in a way that he edits to look natural and graceful. It's a strolling garden with paths that wander in and out of shade, into and out of lushness, with surprises tucked in along the way.

And our day at Valley Forge was a fun tour too. The park is hugely expanded. We drove the car tour with iPhone narration, and it worked out really well.

We just got home, it was a long drive and we spent our days in heat and humidity, so we're tired. But all three tours --- Chanticleer Garden, Valley Forge park, and James Golden's home, were a complete success.