Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some More Things I Need To Do

It was hot and humid yesterday until a brief storm rolled through at dinner time, knocked over the umbrella in the gravel garden, and cooled things off. Today is overcast and in the low 70s.

I fluffed the mulch a little and it was quick and easy enough to do, but the action requires leaning awkwardly and it hurts the back. I still have more to do.

Meanwhile, here are the additional things that need doing:
  1. Trim the river birches. They all need lower branches cut off.
  2. Move the strawberries. Maybe not now, but I do want to replant them away from the line of boxwoods. The fothergillas should go too.
I love the transecting line of boxwoods, but the strawberries are crowding the look.

I want this area to be just the structured boxwoods, the stones and the gravel.
Maybe take out the fothergillas there too (and move to Drive By Garden)

In the "never looked better" category, here are some plants that look great this year:
Cornus canadensis. I gave up on them, buried all under a thick layer of mulch,
and now, years later they are popping up under the Bloodgood maple

Inkberry hollies. They looked awful in early spring, very brown leaves,
and they had that black tip fungus. Bartlett sprayed, it rained, and they look good.

Goatsbeard, Aruncus dioicus. It never looked this good in all the other locations
I had it planted in. Now, behind the Birch Garden, it is growing.

Salix yesoalpina. It has really spread beautifully. So thick and green.
I hope it stays this way all summer.