Sunday, June 16, 2013

Things I Need To Do

The deluge has passed and yesterday was a top ten sunny day in the 70s. Just beautiful. How green (and wet) everything is! It's cloudy today, with more rain coming this afternoon.

Some things I need to do:

  1. Fluff up the mulch with the three tined fork. This pine mulch from Envirocycle gets matted and forms a surface that keeps moisture out. Not a problem with all the rain lately, but it does need fluffing.
  2. Cut back the May Night salvias, which are gone by now.
  3. Get after the rabbits. I put down hot pepper flakes and smelly spray after I saw the annuals were chomped. But I didn't protect the new butterfly weed seedlings and they got eaten to nubs.
I had to stake the Cornus mas by the driveway. In all the rain and wind it got uprooted -- not just slightly tilted, but severely uprooted and canted over. I pulled it back hard and staked it. Can you believe this was the little twig in 2010 that got decapitated in the snow and was no more than a few inches high?

This year I got at the baptisia early and staked the shoots as they emerged. It really helped, as it is not flopping over at all. In fact it looks a little stiff and roundy shaped now!

As always, the flower color is oddly metallic gray, but not so reddish rusty this year. There is more of a purple cast this year. But still, eh.

Sundrops in the Birch Garden are out. And the Red Drift rose and the arching white baptisia pendula.

And the pretty Huskers Red penstemon.