Friday, July 12, 2013

A Fine Morning

The humidity broke and the temperatures this morning were in the mid 70s. It was lovely to be outside and I had one of those mornings that was so rewarding -- digging, moving things about, redesigning areas.

Unfortunately one of the areas that got redesigned was the spot where the katsura tree was. This is what  it looks like now. Gone.

It had completely died since earlier in the month, as I knew it was going to when I saw the bare branches and dropping leaves. With only a small strip of bark still intact, it could not carry nutrients and when hot weather hit, it was over.

I do want to replace it. Jim took out the root ball --- boy was it a swampy mess, a big sodden pool of water in there.  We spent a lot of time talking about what to do with the east side of the house, but I just want to keep it simple and replace the tree with another katsura in that spot. I think.

I also took out all the penstemons in the Drive By garden. So much better now, but bare, and sorely needing something there around the little blue juniper.

I actually moved the juniper. Moved it over 20 inches, maybe two feet. That's how I do all my garden designs, I randomly place things, then find out they are too close to other things and move them, sometimes just a foot over.

You can see where the juniper was too close to the growing ninebark, which will get much larger. The juniper was in the spot where the light colored stone is, and now has been moved to the right just a wee bit.

I know, crazy. But boy did it feel good to have a shovel in my hands today and scrabble around digging and planting!

There is so much more to do here. The smoky-foliage rose to the right of the juniper will be moved in fall. And I am thinking of moving the new Parrotia (which is just beyond the rose) over a few feet, closer to the empty spot where the rose is now.  Just a few feet. That's how I garden.

Then I need more plants to underplant around the main trees and shrubs here.

Some of the aromatic sumacs suffered this year -- I think they got hit with lawn weed killer at just the wrong time, and those near the edge had dieback. I need to fill in, and add some more, and so I took cuttings today of new growth from the healthiest.

I just stuck the twigs in potting soil. No rooting compound (I didn't have any). We'll see if they take.