Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot White

It's mid summer and I want to enjoy being outside on a summer's day. I don't want to be a wimp and spend all my time in the air conditioned house. But even a short stay outside just isn't that nice.

Sitting in the gravel garden under the umbrella with a glass of wine was anything but enjoyable at 4:30 this afternoon. It is 93 degrees and the humidity is 66%. The A/C unit by the garden roars. The sky is a blank white. No storms threaten, but the whole atmosphere is heavy and oppressive.

The patio is not shaded enough yet to sit on under that hot white sky.

But . . .  despite wilted lacecap hydrangeas and suffering containers, there are pretty things going on.  A lot of mid July white!
Big white Becky daisies
Clear white handkerchief clematis blooms

Creamy white bottlebrushes
Delicate white lily of the valley flowers on the sourwood
Boltonia's light lavender rays read as white asters in the hot glare
But there is color too. Scarlet crocosmia Lucifer, and peachy pink daylilies and the candy red of the berries forming on the doublefile viburnum.

And the magenta purple of trailing lobelia, which isn't looking so full or robust, but is still a nice color with the cool lambs ear below the pot.

And there are bright yellow daylilies, and wine colored drumstick alliums.

It's all pretty enough, but the weather does not tempt me to be out there looking at it. A few moments in the early morning with my coffee, a few moments to go out and take pictures, and then a day spent inside with the constant air blast of the A/C. Sigh.