Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dog Days

It's been too hot for words for days now. Every day in the 90s (101 in the sun today) and the humidity is high and the sun is strong.  A high pressure sits over us, and has blocked rain or any change in weather for a week now.

They happen every year, these dog days of summer, and they keep me inside, where I do crossword puzzles and nap and think about what needs doing in the garden.

I go out and water at night. There are some changes I'd like to make -- I think this is the last year I will try to grow Black & Blue salvia, it just never looks like anything. I am getting a few blooms, but not much. It's all light green foliage.

Instead I want to take it out of the big navy blue pot and put the little struggling plumbago in there.

And there are plants I want to move, and containers I want to change, and . . . . .

. . . . it's too hot.