Monday, July 8, 2013

I Don't Get This

It got very humid and sticky over the 4th of July weekend, and quite hot, in the 90s. A thunderstorm rolled through, but only brought 2 tenths of an inch of rain, and not much change in the humidity.

I don't get what is happening this year with the fruit crops. The blueberries are phenomenal, and I am not netting them. No birds or animals have touched them, and the blue bombs are producing like gangbusters. The same thing happened with the strawberries.

This is what breakfast looks like, and it is only what I picked from two bushes while the coffee brewed. I still have to go out and haul in the bounty from the other two bushes.

Then I have to get the blueberries from the two early-bearing shrubs in the meadow. There are four more shrubs that have unripe berries that will come in at mid and at late season after that. And the early ones are not even close to being done yet, with tons of ripening berries still on them.

And this has been every day for a week now.

No netting, no battle with the animals for the fruits --- I just go out and fill bowls, and then go get more the next day.

First the strawberry bonanza, now the blueberry boom, after years of having almost no production at all from any of my plants. Barely a berry. And what there was always got eaten by critters.

But this year . . .

It can't just be maturity of the plants this year. Something else is going on and I don't understand it.