Monday, July 22, 2013

Impressions of My Morning

Cooler, in the 70s early this morning, but humidity is rising again.

This morning I took a cup of coffee out into the yard and walked around.

Garden shoes covered in dewy wetness.

A damp breeze.

A moment of surprise as I walked around behind the bottlebrush buckeyes, and was struck with the explosion of blooms on the backside of the hedge.

Blueberries right off the bush, popped into my mouth. These are the big sweet ones from the mid-season shrubs in the meadow.

Japanese beetle damage on the sassafras saplings, but not too bad.

A moment of worry. The pagoda dogwood by the dry creekbed has yellow dropping leaves. Did it suffer when the temperatures skyrocketed? Does it need more water? I have watered it. I'll watch it.

Love those rich dark chocolate cosmos. Plant more next year.

Rose of Sharon is blooming, just a few so far.

Black eyed Susans are opening. Not as big and showy as Goldsturm, but nice, and the foliage stays healthy.  Butterflyweed calls for my attention.

Summery, wet, sweet air.

Cold coffee.

Little silver berries on the zenobia. I never noticed those before.

No urge to weed, although I see a few and pull a few.

The air conditioner roars as I sit in the gravel garden. Very annoying. A relief when it chugs to a stop with a clank that sounds like it just broke, and quiet returns.

Later I go in and have breakfast, then go back out before it gets too warm and deadhead the Becky Shasta daisies. I chop down all of the Alba Luxurians clematis. It was finished blooming, the lower stems were browning, and based on last year's experience, the whole vine will regrow vigorously and rebloom by the end of summer.