Saturday, July 27, 2013

Voices in the Garden

I say there, what a lovely summer day. Jolly fine temperatures today and some sunshine. Quite pleasant here in the herb bowl.

Yes, indeed.

Mmmm, so calm, no breeze, just perfect for a pink anemone to open. I am the first. There will be others, but I am the first and I am perfect.

Yes you are.

Would you all be quiet? I am trying to nap here on this daisy. White moths flitter and flutter, but I am resting now.


Well, I'm busy. So much to do this summer. So much to do today. While the sun shines.

Gotta go now. I'm off.

We only get one day each. One single day to show off, and then . . .  But it's a perfect day today and we're happy enough and others will be by tomorrow.

And then more the next day and the day after and for days after that. We're daylilies and we're pink, aren't we?

We're getting the party started. August can't arrive until there are Black Eyed Susans and hamburgers and lemonade. Nothing says summer like . .
 . . . us.