Friday, July 26, 2013

We Have a Dumpster

It was cold and damp this morning -- not just a cool summer morning, but really cold and damp, in the low 60s with rain. It was jeans and sweater weather! We got a third of an inch of precipitation. By afternoon it had cleared off and was in the 70s, pleasant but muggy.

Yesterday, before any rain and while the air was so cool, I got the geraniums cut back.

They were still blooming profusely, but many had gone by, and last year I waited too long to cut them back and they never filled in again before fall. This year I hope they fill in, re-bloom and then have great fall color.

I also used the cool weather yesterday to do some clean up around the line of Tide Hill boxwoods. I took out and moved a bunch of the strawberries, then added mulch to keep this area more open, and cleaner looking.

I trimmed back some of the fothergillas too. Should I move them? They really will get far too large there, and the Drive By Garden could use some shrubs.

All the little boxwoods need a trim, they are getting a little shaggy.

We have a dumpster!

The porch is finally getting its makeover! Monday the contractor arrives. Today a dumpster showed up in the driveway, proof we are about to start our project.

I have never known what to do with the porch. We aren't changing the footprint, so it will still be small and narrow, but with deeper windows going down to a kneewall just above the floor, it will feel like a porch and not so much like a walk in closet.

The vinyl siding will go, replaced with wood that we will stain or paint. And a brick floor (actually brick tiles) will replace the utility carpet. Those two cosmetic changes will completely upgrade the feel of this place.

(Vinyl siding is ok on the outside, seen from a distance. You don't focus in on the fake joints and trim or see the faux grain in the plastic when you see it from afar, even though you can clearly tell the difference between a vinyl sided house and wood clapboard. But up close, in a room enclosed in plastic, it is really, really cheap and ugly. The metal strips that finish the edges are bent and look bad, and the fake plastic takes on a dirty pink hue inside.)

How much richer the dark brick and real wood will look.

And how much more open to the back yard and garden it will be with deeper windows. I will be able to sit on the sofa and look out instead of being hemmed in by a wall topped with windows.  Can't wait.