Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cool August Days

These pleasant, dry, cool August days are making me think it is fall, and they are inspiring me to get cracking on all the projects I want to tackle.  But it is still August!

The mornings are sweater weather, 58 degrees, chilly and very still.

The day was sunny and dry and fine. The temperature only got to the high 70s today with very little humidity and a breeze. Almost chilly in the shade.

Some leaves are starting to turn. I am a little worried about the Aesculus pavia. It is crisping and coloring and losing leaves. It is still so young, and when we hit this dry spell it seemed drought struck. I have watered it, but for a brief time when it dried out, it seemed to really stress.

I cleaned up the daylilies by the driveway today, and took the shovel to the hybrid daylilies out in the chevron garden. I only want the plain ditch lilies there, so the hybrids were dug up and tossed in the meadow.

Then I clipped away the woody twining stems of the trumpet honeysuckle in front (no small job) and moved it into a pot by the deck.

The new Kintzley's Ghost honeysuckle was then planted where the trumpet honeysuckle had been taken out.

Digging and planting and shoveling in August -- can you imagine? I got warm and sweaty but it was not at all uncomfortable.

And now this weather has me cranked up about projects. I have completely revamped the To Do list, and all the plans have changed. For example, the rosa glauca may not be moved, it looks great now with its colorful orange hips. If I get more rhus aromatica to fill in under it, it may stay in the Drive By garden, where it is adding interest.

The panicle hydrangeas are blooming in the Drive By garden and they look great now.

The Bluebird hydrangea serrata is a complete disappointment -- no flowers. I think a late spring frost must have nipped them. A few on the inside of the shrub did bloom, but nothing on top or on the outside.

It's just a big round mound of foliage, and nothing at all like the gorgeous Bluebird specimen we saw at Chanticleer. How I would love for mine to look something like this:

But it doesn't. It's just foliage.

With this nice weather I got so hopped up about getting projects underway, that Jim and I went out to Harken's and bought a pallet of stones to be delivered Monday, plus crushed gravel and a little bag of mortar! We are going to start the low stone wall at the top of the driveway.

We'll do it ourselves. 21 feet long, and only 10 inches high, just a little strip of stone. The underperforming creeping thyme will be dug out, although a few of the more healthy tufts may be left to drape over the wall where they are not browning out.

I can't believe I am digging things up, and thinking of moving stuff, and starting a big project and here it is still summer. Wow.