Friday, August 23, 2013

The Porch is Done

August continues to be just fine. Yesterday the humidity rose and it was a hot day, but the air has dried off again now and there is a breeze. It is sunny and in the high 70s, just lovely.

We could use some water though. It hasn't rained at all for 10 days and only a quarter inch in the past two full weeks. Some things are looking stressed now.

The porch is finished and it came out better than I had even envisioned. Here is my post about it on my main blog. I am really happy with it.

For my birthday this week Jim gave me a cordless electric hedge trimmer. I tried it out on a couple projects -- it really can't get through the dense goldenrod and thick weeds in the meadow where I tried trimming, but it did a great job shaping up the hollies on the berm.

They had sent out random shoots and looked unkempt, and with just a minute or two of work I had them reshaped into nice pyramids again. It's a job that used to take an hour to do all of them by hand with pruners. Really, it only took a minute with the hedge trimmer!

Chris from Bartlett was here today, and he suggested moving the Swiss Stone Pine. It is in too much shade at the back of Meadow's Edge.  In early spring it is out in the open but as everything around it leafs out, the little pine gets shaded.

I'll put that on the list to do next spring. It is still small enough I can move it. But where? --- it will need to be in a full sun spot.

I have made further tweaks to the list of Plans as I reconsider where to move things. It always changes.