Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Beautiful day, summery and warm, in the mid 80s, but with a refreshing breeze.

Jane came over for coffee and a garden tour. A nice visit, and her suggestions and critical eye got me thinking.

And one thing led to another, and soon, I had . . . . .
     . . . . . plans!

Here is the list of what needs doing this fall and next spring.

I can't wait to get started, and the unusually cool August weather has me ready to start digging.

TO DO 2013 (& Spring 2014) 

  1. Move one carpet rose to East Side under sweet autumn clematis
  2. Move second carpet rose in front of variegated sweetgum in Drive By garden (and move the corylopsis there to ___??)
  3. Move rosa glauca to dry stream bed where salvias are
  4. Move Mt Airy fothergillas to Drive By garden along back side
  5. Move rhus aromatica crowding doublefile viburnum in Drive By garden to spot in front
  6. Move trumpet honeysuckle to Northern Exposure to climb sweetbay magnolia (after
    taking out carpet roses. Open framework of magnolia will be good for it to climb)

FALL: TAKE OUT (& replace)

  1. Remove hybrid daylilies in Chevron garden & replace with divided ditch lilies
  2. Remove groundcover willow yezoalpinas along east side & replace with Nikko slender
    deutzias in a long swath along foundation (put groundcover willows on back of berm)
  3. Remove creeping thyme by driveway (and build low wall). Replace with ___??


  1. Daffodils (The Works) on back hill
  2. Iris reticulata under lamp post *
  3. Kintzley's Ghost honeysuckle in front garden!


  1. Expand foundation garden along east side for depth
  2. Put Black Beauty dahlias where carpet roses were in Northern Exposure.
  3. Get more Chocolate cosmos and plant everywhere!
  4. Cut & Come Again zinnias around patio wall, in Birch garden
  5. Nicotiana alata flowering tobacco in Birch Garden in front
  6. Build low drystack stone wall at top of driveway. Can I do it myself?

* Iris reticulata ­ add bulb food after flowering. In summer lift to divide bulbs & replant. Plant deeply. * Put divisions (or add new) under lamp post so there are purple irises on both sides of front walk.