Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Problems With Vines

I have such troubles with vines.

Now that I scored the Kintzley's Ghost honeysuckle in Ft. Collins, I plan to take out the red lonicera sempervirens that is growing in the spot where the Kintzley's Ghost will go.

That spot was also home to the misguided attempt to grow golden hops. This rambunctious vine was too dense, not golden, too rough looking for what I wanted, and it grew into a heap. I took it out and tossed it away.
Attempt no. 1
The golden hops were removed

This time, when I remove the red trumpet honeysuckle, I do think I want to find another home for it, rather than tossing it into the compost bin.
Attempt no. 2
Nice enough, but not what I thought I planted

I've thought of places the red trumpet honeysuckle could go --- scrambling up the Austrian pine? But the fairly thick foliage of the vine might shade out the evergreen branches and cause some dieback.

Up the sweetbay magnolia? The magnolia has an open framework and the vine would be seen. Nah. Maybe. I put it on yesterday's list of where to move stuff, but I am rethinking that.

How about in a container next to the tool shed, letting it climb the deck railings? It's a twiner and would need to start up the little pyramid in the pot, then reach for the railings.  Would it twine around the deck railings?

Look at this idea:
from Stately Kitsch

I might try that. The climbing annual Blackeyed Susan vine that is in the container now hasn't done much. Why not move the trumpet honeysuckle to that container and see if it grows well scrambling over the railing?

Will the pot be big enough?