Thursday, August 1, 2013


Nice, summery weather, not too humid. In the 80s and sunny, but rain is expected later today.

Such great weather these past few days to enjoy the patio or even the porch.

But in the way of contractors, after two days of work dismantling the porch, they have now disappeared for the past two days to do another job and we are left with an unusable porch, construction stuff in the yard and even the patio is not usable with the chairs pushed aside and lumber stacked on it.

I am not worried -- they will be back. And they have been neat, and not terribly disruptive. But why does remodeling always have to stall at the initial destruction phase?

There was no perfect time to do the porch, but right in the middle of the summer season when we most want to use it? Stalled at the point when we want to go out the back door the most often?

So predictable.

The contractor is very nice, does good work and he will be so utterly apologetic about the delay when he comes back at some point.

So sorry about this, I had to do (blank) and I just couldn't get back and the other project took too long, etc.  


It's no problem, but I just had to observe that we are predictably stalled on our porch project right now.