Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saplings Among the Weeds

Lovely weather, cool at night, sunny and warm and pleasant, in the 80s in the daytime. Lovely.

The contractors came back, the delay was only two days. The new windows are in on one side, and what a difference the depth of the taller windows makes!

Being able to see out into the yard is such an improvement. The deck and trees and greenery come right into the porch now. And I like the grids better than the utilitarian look of the ungridded short windows before. Here you can see how the new and the old window sizes compare.

Just 18 extra inches at the bottom gives the porch a dressier sunroom look, with better proportions.

A couple days ago I went out into the meadow and hacked back the six foot tall goldenrod stalks that were engulfing the newer saplings at the edge of the woods. I had to use loppers because the woody stalks were so thick, but what an effort to cut each rather than shear them with clippers -- and my forearms are sore!

Now I can see the new trees there.

This is the best looking of the three sweet birches (Betula lenta) that I planted right in front of the taller maples. The debris is the goldenrod canes that I chopped and left to decay on the ground.

A skinnier sweet birch is struggling near the cauldron. I left the jungly cuttings all around the ground here too.

Now, with the tall weeds cleared away, the three small sassafras saplings are also open to sunshine. They are all from previous plantings that I thought I had lost. They disappeared in prior years, eaten to the ground or just lost. All three have resprouted from the roots and are making small trees now.

The three newly re-emerging sassafras lined up in front of the taller trees are all similar, with large leaves that have a reddish tinge when new.

A fourth one that I planted nearby in a more open area looks very different, with dark green, glossier narrow leaves.

It is bushier and just looks very different. I didn't realize there were different kinds of sassafras.

One benefit of doing work out in the meadow is that I have to walk back and forth to get there, right past the gloriously spicy scented clethra that is blooming now! Mmmm, love that fragrance.