Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is NOT a Small Job

After all the rain it is now sunny and lovely, but definitely warm and humid -- more typical of August than the long stretch of cool dry weather we have had. The temperature is in the 80s, and the humidity makes it feel more like August should.

I got all hopped up when it was so cool to do some major projects. And off we went to Harken's and got a pallet of stones to build the low wall at the top of the driveway where the thyme was.

We asked about hiring someone to do it, and they have plenty of guys who do stonework, but they said our job (20 feet long, 10 inches high) was too small. They said we could do it ourselves.


First, it is too hot and sticky now. We can only work in the mornings when it is shady by the driveway.

Second, the grass clump at the left corner was utterly impossible to remove. It took me a couple hours one day to get this far and it would not budge.

The next day Jim worked on it for the better part of an hour with crowbars and shovels, and he did get it out. Not easy.

Third, once the grass had been manhandled out of the dirt, the rest of the soil removal turned out to be major work. The bed of the John Deere trailer broke. There is a lot of dirt to dig and move. The thyme is entrenched in there pretty firmly and each little bit has to be clawed out before digging can even start.

We got this far, and there is so much more to dig. Then we have to dig down 3 inches to receive the gravel bed, then  . . . I'm exhausted.

This is NOT a small job that two amateurs in their mid 60s can do in a few days. But we will struggle along, dig a little each morning before the heat and sun make it unbearable, move the dirt away a bit at a time. There is no rush.

I think this is the hardest part. I am hoping placing the stones will be the easy part.