Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slow Progress

Another day of hacking out the strip where the new stone wall will be built.

It was cool and damp and overcast, so not too hot to work this morning, but the humidity is high. The temperatures stayed in the 70s. But after just a couple hours in the morning digging and transporting soil, we called it a day.

Progress is slow.

We still have more to dig. Already we have taken cartloads and trailerfuls out back, and there is quite a mound of excavated dirt -- all from this little strip. There is more to do to widen it to accept the irregular forms of the stone.

I think I had envisioned narrower stones, more like the width of pavers or bricks, and we would only need to dig less than a foot back into the rise.

But these stones are varied, irregular, and quite large and flat. We need to dig out plenty of space to fit them, and then backfill with the dirt we took out.

Before quitting today we started sorting the pallet into piles by size and got half the stones sorted. The really huge ones won't fit into this 10 inch high low wall. Those I may use in back by the bridge for stepping stones.