Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And Now I Rest

Another damp, cloudy day, humid and in the high 70s. Unpleasantly buggy today after all the rain.

I am anxious in this cool(ish) weather to finish the stone wall, but we need to wait for things to dry out before doing any mortar work or back filling with soil. Everything is still pretty wet.

So, a day off.

I've been at it for at least a few hours each day for a full week now. Time to stop and smell the roses.

Or the clematis.

I really like the sweet autumn clematis on the deck railing. In fact, I love it. It may not stay so neat in future years. I may have to do a lot of pruning to control it, but for this first season it's stunning, and smells divine.

There are other beautiful sights to behold in the late summer garden. The caryopteris and the pink fall anemone are both alive with buzzing bees, and they look jewel-like even in overcast gray light.

The Rose of Sharon is really in bloom now. I was so excited to see it finally through the new taller windows of the porch -- and it just keeps getting better as summer wanes.

The Birch Garden has color. The little Drift red rose has rebloomed, and zinnias and flowering tobacco are pretty, with purple Blue Chip dwarf butterfly bush plants below them.

I have not been impressed with the Blushing Susie thunbergia vines this year. They just don't have much in the way of flowers. A few here and there, and they are pale. Only in the last week have there been more than a half dozen tiny flowers scattered about.

But the individual flowers, isolated in a close up, are sweet.

It's good to have the rest today from the demanding stone work. I am not as frustrated any more, I can see how the finished wall will look and I know we can get there. The quiet time sitting on the porch in the cool damp weather is a relief.

Mmmm, the spicy scent of sweet autumn clematis!