Sunday, September 8, 2013

Feels Great

I'm tired and it feels great. A beautiful breezy, cool day with sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures in the mid 70s.

A great day to do another project with rocks!

The biggest fieldstones that would not fit in the wall were hauled out to the dry creekbed to use as steppers.

They were heavy to lift and wiggle into place, and all the extra gravel dust had to be hauled out there too, bucket by bucket. Jim and I dug out the depressions for the rocks to sit in, scooped stone dust and worked it for the shape, then manhandled six big flat stones into place.

Really manhandled. They don't look that big but they were.

It was hands and knees work, and very tiring.

But there is nothing better than coming in at 3 in the afternoon to shower and clean up, so achy and tired after a day of real physical work outdoors. I was sweaty and dirty, but the air is dry and comfortable.

It feels so good at the end of the day.

I like how the steppers look leading to the bridge and around the corner.

The big one set in the grass looks a little high, but the lawn is cut away and tamped down around it. When the grass perks up and grows a couple inches it will come in over the sides of that rock.

I still want to add more in the grass, leading out into the yard and between Meadow's Edge and the Blueberry Garden. The big ones are used now, but there are smaller ones that I could work into a random pattern laid in the grass.
At the far end where the path drifts into the dry creek bed, I need to set the last two small steppers more firmly, and I need to shore up the bank of the creek bed right at that spot -- I have plenty of small rocks. Maybe add a small cascading plant there?

Other projects for another day. Right now I am tired, it is the end of the day, the breeze is nice and it all feels great.