Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Katsura

Yesterday was a chilly day, in the low 60s. Overnight was in the low 40s! Very fall-like.

Bartlett planted the new katsura tree. It is a huge specimen, single trunk, full and tall. Mike knocked $300 from the price, so it was at least close to my budgeted range, but still an incredibly expensive investment.

But after two tries and five years invested in the katsuras I had planted myself, I was ready to spring for this major cost and get a tree that looks like it had been there five years already.

It took three men and heavy equipment to plant it. It might require staking, as the canopy is so full and so high on the trunk. It's a good 16 feet tall.

The passengers flying overhead from Boston to NY looked down and approved. Nice tree.