Thursday, September 26, 2013


Lawn grass.  It grows where we don't want it and it won't grow where we do want it.

Another beautiful fall day, sunny and cool, in the 60s.

Jim and I dug up the huge platters of dead crabgrass and wall to wall weeds lining the curb at the roadside, and prepped the area with fresh soil, then planted grass seed.
Grow, grass!

In the afternoon I spent an hour digging out more sod along the east side to widen the border there.
Out, grass!


We really want the lawn to extend down to the road edge. All other lawns on the street have grass growing down to the curb, but ours did not. Our lawn ended about a foot short, and in that one foot strip crabgrass took over, creating an ugly solid edge between the lawn and the road curb.

We fixed it by killing off all the crabgrass, and now have planted seed. I hope it takes!

As for the east side border, I remove a little bit at a time, widening, shaping, and now I need to determine if there is enough room to add low stone edging, using the leftover rocks from the wall project.

Need to think on this.