Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bush Clover Oddity

Yesterday was cloudy and a little grim looking, in the 60s. Today, to make up for it, the weather was fine and sunny and dry. The temperatures were in the 70s, a perfect fall day that even felt a little summery.

I planted 3 new dwarf abelias 'Fairy Dance' at the top of the new stone wall by the driveway. I could actually use two or three more to make a line of them that will hopefully drape over the wall a little. Then Jim and I glued the heart rock in place. . . . it fell out the other day.

I planted the additional mukdenia rossi plants around the gravel garden edge. The ones I saw at Cornell were quite large mounded plants. I hope mine look like that eventually.

Then I finished widening the east side border, got the extra crushed gravel we had left over and the remaining stones and built a little wall.

It's edging, really. Not high enough to be a wall but it used all the rocks that were left. I'll fill in with soil around the ends, add more behind it, and then plant the area up with the dwarf deutzias 'Nikko', which will spread out.

I like the curve, and I like the look of the stones even if they don't do much to hold the elevated soil back.

I'm really puzzled this year about the bush clover, Lespedeza Ido Shibori. It's a pretty, arching smallish shrub this year, with plenty of air space below, and open branching. Not many flowers. Last year it was a haystack. A big, overflowing fountain of branches and flowers.

Why is it just 2/3 the size this year? And why so few flowers? It certainly looks healthy, but it's so much smaller.
This year, in late September it is a small, open shrub with few flowers
Last year, in late September it was a giant arching mass with tons of tiny blooms
What's up with this?