Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Plants for Next Year

Tom is 33 today. I am flabbergasted, and unable to figure out how that happened. Happy birthday, kid!

Fall is upon us and the weather is cool. It's been sunny and dry.

Is it too soon to be thinking about next year? Here are two plants I want to keep in mind:

1. Plant more of the annual Chocamocha chocolate cosmos

What an absolute stunner, blooming heavily all summer long. Still blooming, no let up. It never took a break. The velvety rich red color of the blooms never faded.

It stays low, only a foot high, and the three plants sprawled out nicely to cover the area. Next year get many more and spread them around in any spot that needs filling.

I got these three from Avant Gardens, one of my new favorite online sources.

2. Try Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum muticum)

In the empty spot at the back of the Drive By garden (where the stand of tall zinnias are now) I think a stand of Mountain mint would look good. A filler, silvery colored to catch the eye, and needing little care.

I saw clumps of them when we went to visit James Golden's garden last weekend and liked them.

It wants partial shade, but can be in full sun if kept moist. In the back of the Drive By garden it will get some shade from the other plants and from Gwen's trees nearby, but it will be exposed to western sun for part of the late day.

The write ups say it is pretty tough and blooms a long time all summer.