Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Getting Weird

Overcast and gloomy today, and quite chilly, in the 50s.

The dank light made the fall colors look kind of garish. But in any light, it is getting downright weird out there. The colors are going nuts.

Bluebird hydrangea going all purply.
I won't do a ring of alyssum underneath again, that just looks dumb.

A riot of clashing colors. Yikes. The Gro Low Rhus aromatica has gone from beautiful red to eye hurting cerise.
The hot magenta zinnias are too much. Check out the purple oak leaf hydrangea at the lower left.

More gaudiness. Thank goodness the witch hazel is not bright yellow yet, although it's turning.

Look at that Gro Low sumac. It really is that pinky red.

The dark ninebark is really goofy with the increasingly fire colored Gro Low sumac

This is a little better view -- rich mahogany doublefile viburnum and golden buckeyes.

And I like the garnet itea with a little bit of Orange Dream Japanese maple behind it, all tempered with clear white Montauk daisies.

All of the colors this fall are quite impressive, but some of my combinations are too weird to look at.