Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Light Sparkle

18 degrees when I got up this morning. There was a light rime coating everything, and it sparkled.

This is the first morning there has been glinting frost, although we have had many below freezing nights lately. But it has been too dry to create any freezing moisture.

This morning, though, a little bit of frost twinkled in the sun. The deck had a light coating and my flat soled shoes slipped on the slick steps. Oops. Ouch.

The herb bowl, after so many freezing nights, is finally looking a little fried. But not the sage. Even with a coating of frost it looks perky.

The winterberry hollies are covered in red berries. They will be gone by Christmas and I rarely get to see them against snow, but right now they are eye catching, surrounded by gold and bronze.

The aronia berries will hang on much longer. Nobody likes to eat those.

Even the dried brown lespedeza looks structural and interesting. The buff colored caryopteris by the patio does too.

Another eye catcher is the bayberry. It is so deep green and glossy and it has grown into a big loose pyramid. It was lopped in half in the 2011 snow storm, but has regrown amazingly. In spring it is very late to green up and all summer it is just a green blob in the back of the garden.

But now it stands out against the brown meadow, with a bright red winterberry next to it.

How pretty this red and green backdrop will look when there is white snow. The winterberries may be gone by then and I don't remember if the bayberry holds its green in deep winter. But it could look very festive!