Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Water Woes

Too much water, or not enough. Woe is me.

First the good news: it is raining. But it is too much.

It is raining very hard, pouring down, filling the giant rain gauge on the deck. There are almost four inches in it now, still rising rapidly. We are going to get all the badly needed rain for the entire fall season in this one storm the day before Thanksgiving.

A soaking, drenching, dark-as-night rainy day.

Now the bad news: there has been no hot water in our house for three days. The water heater gave out on Sunday and flooded the basement. We mopped it up, and called the plumber Monday.

He could not get the heater on Monday or Tuesday, but finally came today and put in the new one. We paid him several thousand dollars, waited over an hour for the new tank to heat, and then I finally went in to have a shower.

After three days I was so ready to wash my hair and get clean.

Nope. Icy cold water. Not even lukewarm. The new heater is not working. I don't know if we can get a plumber back over here before the holiday now.

I know, I know --- first world problems.

I need to keep in mind that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and I am truly grateful for so very many blessings in my life. Too much drenching rainwater outside, and no hot steamy wash water inside are simply minor woes.