Friday, November 1, 2013

Warm Wet Wind

The past days have been gloomy and darkly overcast, and damply chilly. I had a head cold, and stayed inside. We didn't even turn the lights on for Halloween, and bought no candy.

This morning a warm, wet wind gusted through, bringing a quarter inch of rain, much needed but not enough. Then the sun came out, and the afternoon was breezy and in the high 60s. Very pleasant suddenly!

The maple in Meadow's Edge turned red over Halloween. The other one is in the process of turning, but isn't quite there yet.

This year the paper birches look great, and have lots of golden yellow color.

The dogwood by the garage corner is deep crimson now, and has tons of berries.

The amsonia on the front walk is fluffy gold, just as pretty coming . . .

. . .  and going.

I despaired last year about the dwarf fleece flower, but this year it looked good all summer and now has great red fall color.

I always like the allee look down the walkway at this time of year, when the red maple is the focal point.

And the paperbark maple is starting to turn. I love the asymmetrical lumpy blue spruce at the corner.

A look out into the yard is a nice vista as the clouds break and the sun shines. The grass is still jewel green, but the trees are starting to look bare in the far background.