Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Four O'Clock Walk

Cold, in the 50s, and a very dreary overcast day today, until about four in the afternoon. Then the sun came out, and the air was still, and I took a walk around.

The fothergilla nearest the garage is turning kaleidoscope colors. The other one by the cellar door has not changed much yet.

The red colors on the blackhaw viburnum are subtle. I am struck with how this shrub finally looks like a real tree. Gangly, but tree like.

The stewartia monadelpha is turning rust red, very dark, and hard to see. The first year it was such a bright red, but it hasn't had that color since. It's more brown than red.

The same thing is true of the other stewartia, S. pseudocamellia. It is turning a very dark brownish red. It too has had years where it was fiery scarlet, but it seems to be darker each year now.

The Sheffield mums surround the gravel garden and are the prettiest things in fall.

And Raydon's Favorite aromatic aster is also pretty. I will need to divide these three clumps next spring.

There are berries on the hollies, both the meservae blue hollies and the Ilex opaca. Kind of Christmasy on a fall day at four in the afternoon!