Thursday, January 2, 2014

Haven't Been Outside

It is snowing hard today, with over 6 inches expected by tomorrow, maybe much more.

Not going outside.

In fact since before the holidays I have not been outdoors at all.

Occasionally a sprint to the mailbox, and once or twice in and out of the car going to the store. That's it. For weeks I have been inside.

Our trip to Mammoth included a morning on the slopes in the sunshine and that was great, but otherwise I stayed in the cabin by the fire.

I like winter, I have warm clothes, and there is no reason not be outside inspecting the plants, wandering in my snowy garden, or going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. But I don't.

Today, with the blizzard swirling there is every reason to be inside.  But when it clears, and now that the holidays are over. . .  I need to get outdoors!

A discouraging note to the beginning of the new year: the heart shaped accent stone fell out of the stacked wall I built. It was there New Year's Eve (I know because we were showing it off to Noelle and Bob), but it was lying on the pavers on New Year's Day.  Just plopped out.
It fell out New Year's Day

Since I haven't gone outside, I have yet to do anything with it, and the heart is still lying on the ground, now covered up by the accumulating snow.