Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whipped Cream

After Thursday's snowstorm we were left with bright skies and bitterly cold temperatures.

Yesterday I awoke to minus 7 degrees at dawn.  Today it is a little warmer, about 20 degrees just before noon.

The snow crunches and groans loudly when you walk or drive on it. It's that cold, complaining sound that only very frigid snow makes.

Even though the snow was fluffy and dry it stuck to the trees in a way that looks like whipped cream carefully swirled on the branches.

It looks so white and so creamy and so artfully dolloped on everything.

The big spruces have dots of cream on the tips of their branches, and the denser dwarf Alberta spruces are positively coated.

It kind of looks like the soft serve machine at Dairy Queen malfunctioned.

There were tracks all around. I wonder how the wildlife stays warm on nights when the temperatures are below zero.

I'm still staying indoors, not venturing out very much in this cold weather. There is salt and frozen slush all over the roads and driveway, and that's not pretty. But I do love looking out the window to see so much whipped cream in my garden!