Monday, February 17, 2014

A Mob of Robins

It has been cold, and we are still buried under feet of snow. Yesterday was windy and loose snow was blowing about in 25 degree gusts.

The bobcat was seen at dinnertime, moving away on the east side of the house, down toward the pond. Seemed to be in a hurry.

For the past several days robins have been mobbing the aronia shrubs. There are dozens, but the camera, shooting through the bedroom window, captured only a few of the frenzied hungry birds.

The robins are heavy and they weigh the bendy branches down. In the white and brown world out there, their red tummies flash as they bounce up and down on the bobbing branches.

They are after the aronia berries. No animal or bird will touch aronia fruits until everything else is gone. They are apparently not tasty at all. But in the depth of winter they either have sweetened in the freezing weather or the birds are starving and not so fussy.

They are such pretty berries, but not on the top of anyone's winter menu. Until now.

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