Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Order

It's snowing again today.  Coming down hard. Pretty, but so tiresome at this point.

Here is my order for the North Central Conservation District plant and seedling sale. I pick up the plants on April 11th at Auer Farm.

Broadleaved mountain mint -- Pycnanthemum muticum. 
That was already on my list as I mentioned yesterday. I'll put it behind the witch hazels.

from a commenter at Garden Web -- Link here
Dwarf Joe Pye Weed 'Phantom' -- Eupatorium dubium.
Although it is advertised to about 3 feet tall, it can get pretty big, so chop it by half in June for control (like that ever worked with the tall sedums that flop, but do it anyway.)

A meadowy plant. It is supposed to be dwarf but a thread at Garden Web says it gets to 4 or 5 feet in moist soil. One commenter said it was a tidy 2 foot plant the first year, 5 feet tall the second.

I'll put it in Meadow's Edge at the back.

Coreopsis 'Sweet Marmalade' --  Coreopsis verticillata.
I have had a lot of trouble with coreopsis cultivars in the past. Only the big tall weedy yellow species plant grows for me. But we'll try this and see how it goes.

(After I ordered it I found this exhaustive coreopsis trial from Mt. Cuba Center. 'Sweet Marmalade' in their trials ranks poorly, with overwintering problems and mildew and floppiness. Eeesh.)

Orange (or sort of terra cotta) flowers on a foot tall plant. I'll put this with the asters in the gravel garden, or maybe in a pot to see how it does, since the Mt. Cuba data is so iffy. I may have simply repeated my issues with coreopsis, as in "I can't grow those".

Vinca -- a bundle of 50 bareroot stems to get a ground cover started under the dappled willows.

The willows are so big now that Jim can't mow under them and the area looks unkempt in summer. I'll dig the grass out this spring and make an island area for the three willows so he won't need to mow between or under them.

I debated all winter what to put under them rather than bare mulch. I have always liked vinca, and even grew it in a pot for its sweet blue flowers for a while.

It's a spreader and can overtake a garden, but this area will be mowed around on all sides, and I do want something to spread under this difficult area. It's glossy and pretty and for $25 I can get a good area covered.

I also ordered 5 bareroot red oak seedlings ($8 total) to put in the meadow, just because. And some compost in bags.

No container trees or shrubs this year, although they had some great choices. I should call them to see if they still have any more Carpinus caroliniana -- ironwood trees.

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