Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rusted Planters

Another huge snowstorm is on its way. Tomorrow it will snow all day, and we are expecting 8 inches or more.  It is still only getting into the 20s in the daytime.

One thing I noticed that needs attention this winter is some rust. Quite a bit, actually.

The two black planter stands are in pretty bad shape. They were probably not meant to be outside, and they certainly were not meant to hold dirt. I had to drill holes in the metal to allow drainage.

There are two of these planters and I always liked the shape of them and the elevated height. I had them in various locations, and used an orange rectangular plastic liner to plant annuals in. The liner drained, but without holes in the planter itself, there was too much standing water in the metal trough.

So I drilled holes at the bottom edge of the metal sides, put potting soil directly into the trough and planted them up. Probably not a good idea. Obviously not a good idea. They rusted.

The troughs simply sit on the stands, so one option is to get rid of them and just use the stands to put smaller flowerpots on.

Or should I sand the metal down this winter, paint them with black rustoleum and get some more years of use out of them?

Sanding and painting sounds like a good project for a winter's day. I'll first need to dump out the plants and soil that are in there now, and since the potting bench and compost pile are completely snowed in, that will have to take place in the basement. A mess, for sure. But why not.

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