Friday, February 14, 2014


We got hammered on Thursday and snow has buried every detail of my garden. Huge mountains plowed up by the truck greet us at the top of the driveway. More snow is coming Saturday.

So it continues to be catalog gardening and spring planning in my comfy chair indoors. That's all I can do.

The flyer arrived from North Central Conservation Distrcit today. They are a state non-profit organization that promotes ecology education, native landscaping, ag services, wetland reviews, etc.

I had a great experience ordering plants from them last year. I got nice sized carpinus caroliniana trees, and six blueberries and gray dogwoods, and so much more.

This year I had hoped to add to the mini-grove of carpinus (ironwood) trees, but they are not offered.

But the one plant I do see that I'd like to order is Pycnanthemum muticum. That has been on my list of wants, and they offer it, so it's a deal.

They deliver the plants for pick up at Auer Farm in town, as easy for me as possible. The NCCD volunteers were wonderful last year when I went to pick up plants, and the plants were big and healthy. A great experience all around.

Pycnanthemum muticum is mountain mint. I saw lovely big stands of it in James Golden's garden at Federal Twist. It is silvery and light and fills the space. The flowers are tiny and white, and the foliage is interesting.
mountain mint in James Golden's garden at Federal Twist

from North Creek Nursery

I want to put it at the back of the Drive By garden in the empty spot where I had zinnias last year.

There aren't too many other plants offered this year by NCCD that I want. I already have comptonia and redbud and eastern red cedars and bayberry and many other native plants they are selling.

But I might get some bareroot red oak seedlings and put them in the meadow. And they offer compost in bags, I might get some. And some blazing stars and early blooming rudbeckias and a dwarf Joe Pye Weed and a coreopsis that looked different and . . . .

My order is growing.

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