Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Disinterest

We got a big storm yesterday and I spent the day indoors watching it snow. In this house, with all our big windows, it feels like being inside a snow globe. It's still cold, in the 20s. Today, after the storm, the sun is back out and Gail and I skied at Sundown.

The next time I read an article about leaving grasses standing for winter interest I am going to  . . .

. . . I don't actually know what I'm going to do.

I guess I'm going to disagree. The tall upright panicums (Northwind) are not upright or tall. They get weighed down by snow in the beginning of winter and look like sodden lumps until I cut them down in spring. I am going to cut them in fall next year.

The big miscanthus by the garage door doesn't just fall over in a heap, it splays out and shatters into wayward fronds that then blow all over the yard. I am also going to cut it down as well next fall, before winter snows arrive.

The smaller Japanese forest grasses (hakonechloa) look okay, they remain snow covered mounds and their light grassy foliage stays okay. But the big grasses have to go. I hate the sheared stubble look in fall before it snows, but it will be much better in the middle of winter.

On a happy note, I put the heart stone back into the wall after it fell out New Year's Eve, and it is still there. I wedged it in, tilted back a little more this time.

This shot was from earlier in the week -- yesterday's foot of snow obliterated everything and the wall and the heart are behind a giant mound of pushed up snow from the driveway. But I know it's there.

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